Who are VOLTOR, Balloon Flights?


VOLTOR was hatched from an old dream: “to live and to share the sensation of flight”

1986 marks the beginning of our journey. In the years since then we have had many thrilling experiences over river, sea, land and air.
We have navigated through countless rivers such as the Amazon and its tributaries from its origin in Peru’s Nevado Mismi; we have explored islands, such as the Galapagos, in the Pacific; we have trekked across the Andes and its beautiful peaks; we have flown over the Alps, the Andes, the Sahara desert and Mauritania.

We’ve guided multiple tours across all these territories for the greatest tourist and scientific bodies, such as the National Geographic Society.

We have all the necessary training and expertise to make your hot air balloon flight an experience you’ll want to repeat over and over again.

We have a passion for flying and we indulge it using mankind’s first flying device, in its most traditional and liberated form: flight by hot air balloons.


Join us and discover the sensation of real free-flying, appreciate nature from a different perspective; enter the wind. Fly with Voltor.

ballooning over ÀGER – ballooning over ALT EMPORDÀ – ballooning over BAIX EMPORDÀ – ballooning over ALT URGELL – ballooning over CARDEDEU – ballooning over CERDANYA – ballooning over IGUALADA – ballooning over LLEIDA – ballooning over MANRESA – ballooning over PALLARS JUSSÀ ballooning over VIC

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