Advertising Balloons

An appealing image for your company and an effective way of advertising: a CORPORATIVE HOT AIR BALLOON. A wide range of options to reach and impress your audience. An effective way of reaching the wider public and promoting a FRESH, DYNAMIC and delightful image of your PRODUCT, EVENT, CITY or COMPANY.

Aerial publicity is one of the most EFFECTIVE communication media, especially when you advertise with our HOT AIR BALLOONS, charming spectators and attracting attention whilst in flight.
The enormity of our hot air balloons (20m height and 20m diameter) make sure that your advertising campaign leaves an UNFORGETTABLE MARK on the public’s MEMORY.
National and international AERIAL FESTIVALS and COMPETITIONS attract large audiences as well as a significant number of mass media representatives (television, press, etc.)

CAPTIVE FLIGHTS, where balloons remain anchored to the ground and ascend up to 50m from the ground, are one of the most popular mechanisms for advertising campaigns, since they offer the audience the opportunity of experiencing the sensation of flying in a device with over 200 years of HISTORY, whilst at the same time being more MODERN than ever, together with DIRECTLY displaying the client’s advertisement in events of all kinds (FAIRS, FESTIVALS, TOURISM), even at night, when our BALLOONS take on a UNIQUE APPEARANCE.


"A brilliant STRATEGY to showcase a brilliant brand IMAGE"

We propose 2 options:

– To acquire a full hot air balloon (personalized canvas, burner and basket), and even accessorize with a car and trailer with your own PERSONALISED BRAND.

-To purchase and PERSONALISE the canvas separately and hire the remaining equipment from VOLTOR each time you wish to use it. The canvas price ranges from 10.000 to 35.000 euros.

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