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Welcome to VOLTOR, Balloon Flights

We share the passion for flying and put it into practice in the first flying aircraft of the human being, in its most free and traditional way: the Hot Air balloon.

We have the necessary preparation and knowledge to make your balloon flight a unique and unforgettable experience.

Come and fly in a hot air balloon in Catalonia!

Our flights can be made from any point in the Catalan geography. We have fixed takeoff points: Empordà, Montseny, Bages, Lleida, Pre-Pyrenees and Cerdanya.

However, there is always the possibility of taking off from any point that meets basic requirements, you only need to ask for it.

Our pilots have a long certified international experience working for the best balloon flights companies in the globe.

Come and discover the magic of flying in a hot air balloon!


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“Flying in a balloon is an amazing experience”

VOLTOR, Vols en Globus per Catalunya IconVOLTOR, Vols en Globus per Catalunya

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