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vols en globus
vols en globus vols en globus
vols en globus

                    TETHERED FLIGHTS

The perfect entertainment for PARTIES and special events.


Required space: A minimum area of 40x40 meters is required, and must be clear of electric cables or any other obstacles. We also require permission from the proprietor of the land or public location being used.

Note: The balloon can be customized using signs with your company’s logo or brand. Advertising signs will take three weeks to manufacture. We offer a wide range of prices depending on the design.

An ideal group event, a beautiful way to appreciate our surroundings, the balloon is anchored to the ground but floats 30 meters up in the air!
The event begins with the inflation of the balloon. Once the balloon is inflated, it’s anchored to four fixed points on the ground and is raised repeatedly to a height of 30 meters, raising and lowering passengers for approximately an hour and a half. The balloon has room for four or five passengers, so across 150 people get to travel in the balloon during the event. This is an audience participation event with spectacular impact.

Prices: 900€ (VAT NOT INCLUDED) - 1 hour 30 minutes of captive balloon
Payment Terms: 50% of total payment will be required before each flight.
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